"I was very excited to coming to Thuma, it was my first time to enter a forest like this one, so big, so pure like no other
unprotected area in Malawi.  Never have I ever been in a reserve, neither in a national parc. Mostly it was too far away
or too expensive. I've never seen or even known all the animals who exist here. Rarely I saw some of them on pictures
and heard some stories but I never experienced them live.

So I went for the first day employed as a scout. We started with a patroul in the early morning with four routined and
another new scout. Even when it started to dry out everything was still green. Quite wet and also a lot of insects,
butterflies everywhere close to the last water. We went to the Denbenui river and crossed the way with six kudus.
I was quite excited to see them free in the nature. We went further and we saw one older femal elephant 200 meters
away. It was so impressive and fasctinating how she moved, how she reacted. But I was also simply so afraid of her
giant presence.

Nowadays I'm so proud to be a scout, that I protect the last elephants in my country. But I'm also worried about whether
we can protect them or if the african elephants will soon disappear. And also with them a part of our own culture."

- John Chapata,  25

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